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Keep us up to Date

Please let us know as soon as possible if you change your personal information such as change of address, name, phone number, etc, and to notify us of your communication and consent preferences.

Important: Please read guidance about changing your details

Changing your registration details

We take your confidentiality very seriously, it is important to update your address so that clinical letters do not go to the wrong place. We rely on telephone contacts, so we have to be sure we know that we are calling you.

Moving house

If you move house within the practice area your registration will automatically continue. To change your registration address you will need to produce evidence of your new address e.g a utility bill or a letter from your solicitors dealing with the move.

If you move outside the practice area but not too far away we will continue your care, however this is at the discretion of the practice. Please contact our Head Receptionist to discuss this.

Changing phone number

If you change your phone number please bring photo ID to the desk and let them know the new number. In urgent circumstances we will use an unregistered number but require verification within 7 days.

Change of name

If you change your name due to a change of marital status or deed poll, please bring a passport or wedding certificate to the desk so we can alter your details.

​Remember you can do all of this online using patient access, click the button below to go to patient access or click here to learn how to register for patient access.