Ordering Prescriptions Contact the hub 01695 736100

  • How you can order your medication:

  • We accepts requests 5-7 days in advance of the prescription being due

  • We process within 48 hours

    • We send to a nominated pharmacy of the patients choice

  • We accept fax requests from nursing homes and have a very robust, efficient service package for nursing and residential homes in terms of ordering prescriptions

    • We also do have the unique service in that we offer advice to nursing and residential homes throughout the day, throughout the week, and have regular face to face meetings and visits to the homes to improve their prescription and medication systems

    • We have actively helped improved a home to CQC standards and received praise for our input in improving their systems

Some Dos and donts


Make sure you have the authority in writing if ordering for someone else.

Allow extra time when ordering controlled drugs, sleeping tablets etc.

Inform the pharmacy when you order.

Use online ordering -- its quicker and easier.


Lose your prescription and medications, we cannot guarantee we can replace these.

Assume repeat items will be issued every time.