Prescribing Hub


Who we are:

•    Team of 7 including (independent prescriber) pharmacist, level 3 pharmacy technician, prescription clerk and various other staff with a range of skills and experience
•    We are a dedicated team
•    Have a phone line available to patients 5 days a week 9am – 5pm (Wednesday 9am – 1pm)
•    We provide a service to 5 GP surgery-sites across West Lancs
•    We provide clinical and administrative support and advice to staff and patients
•    We are heavily involved in the care of patients in nursing and residential homes across West Lancs, including visiting patients to improve care
•    Great relationship with CCG and NHSE with us being a leader in generating new ideas, policies and guidance

Lisa Bogg

Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre

Cheryl Beesley

Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre

Karen Welsh

Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre


Prescribing Centre

Prescribing Centre Administrator

Amanda Johnstone

Prescribing Centre Manager

Amanda is our Prescribing Centre lead, she has extensive experience in community pharmacy and is a qualified Pharmacy technician.

Jack Winter

Practice prescribing Pharmacist

Jack in addition to his Pharmacy training is an independant prescriber. He is our go to person for advanced medicaiton queries. Jack leads the prescribing centre.

What we do:

  • Provide in-house training to the prescribing team and all clinical staff, and administrative staff

  • Provide a high level of service to patients (and staff across West Lancs including) by assisting in clinical queries, prescription queries on a daily basis in high quantity and quality

  • Provide a service with continuity due to the team of 7 being stable and dedicated

  • We simplify what can be a complicated process improving and streamlining patient care

  • Help vulnerable patients and have special services to assist those; we set up prescription ordering agreements with pharmacies to take care of the most vulnerable

  • Liaising with hospitals and other secondary and tertiary providers

  • Liaise and provide assistance to majority of pharmacies across West Lancs

  • Setting up shared care agreements and managing monitoring requirements of patients on medication for which it is needed

  • Stoma/appliance provision and assisting patients in getting their appliance-type prescriptions to where they need them

  • Medication reviews

  • Medication optimisations

  • De-prescribing to improve patient care

  • Synchronisation of repeat prescriptions

  • Blister pack prescriptions and assistance

  • We reduce wastage of medicines

  • Continued education to patients over prescriptions; what can be prescribed and cannot, where they can take advantage of self-care and help them take control of their health. Click here for self care information.

  • Empower patients to take control of their prescriptions and medications

  • Signpost to relevant organisations, resources, information, or the appropriate clinician to speak with

  • We catch any monitoring requirements, overdue medication reviews, BP checks etc.

  • Provide written support and information packs

  • Provide for those who need it information about medications, advice, how to change medications including how to change doses safely i.e. titration plans

  • Continually developing and researching new ideas, guidance, protocols, all to improve our efficiency and patient care