Do you need to register with a local GP? REGISTER WITH US BY CLICKING THIS LINK  It is important to look after your health at University. If you have moved a distance away from home to come to Edge Hill please make sure you are registered with a local GP. This NHS.UK leaflet outlines the reasons why this is important, how it works, and what to do: .  You can register with any local GP as long as you live within their catchment area, but as the leaflet highlights, it is important to seek a health professional who understands students' needs and is close by. Beacon Primary Care GP Practice works in close partnership with the University.  The practice received an good rating in their recent Care Quality Commission Inspection.

Please make registration with a GP one of the jobs you do in your first week at University. It is important you do not wait until you are unwell for the following reasons: it will be more difficult for you to find a GP and register if you feel ill, and the practice needs time to process your registration and download your existing medical records to be able to provide the safest level of care when you do need to seek help.



General medical and nursing clinics


Sexual health

Contraception / Coils / Implant