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We handle prescriptions in different ways, acute and repeat prescriptions.

Acute prescriptions and medications are issued for a short time and are not to be repeated without review by a Doctor, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or prescribing nurse .

Repeat prescriptions are ones you will need regularly and need to be reviewed in a specified period usually 6 months or a year.

The best way to request any prescription is via the online app. You can click here to register for online ordering.

If you have a query that you feel will be handled better by speaking to someone you can contact the prescribing centre direct on 01695 736100

Amanda is our Prescribing Centre lead, she has extensive experience in community pharmacy and is a qualified Pharmacy technician.

Prescribing Centre Manager


Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre

Cheryl Beesley

Jack in addition to his Pharmacy training is an independant prescriber. He is our go to person for advanced medicaiton queries. Jack leads the prescribing centre.

Pharmacist Prescribing

Jack Davidson

Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre

Karen Welsh

Senior Receptionist & Prescribing Centre

Lisa Bogg

Prescribing Centre Administrator

Prescribing Centre


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