Care home enhanced support scheme

We provide enhanced care home services to our selected partner care homes.

We are working with West Lancshire CCG to provide enhanced services to delegated partner Care Homes. We agreed to cover and register all patients in a selected number of care homes.

We have chosen and been chosen by a select number of care homes to work with them to impriove medical provision, train and learn jointly and support the patients in these homes.

For many years care homes have had difficulties in registering patients with GPs and the care has been reactive. By developing a joint vision and way of working together with building of trust and clinical networks with selected care homes we aim to make this difficult period of transition safer and more pleasant for the patient carers and clinicians.

We are pleased to work with the following care homes. We recognise their willingness to work with us to help provide improved care and quality.

Stocks Hall Care Home Skelmersdale. West Lancashire

Cleveland House Banks. West Lancashire

Sutton Grange, Banks. West Lancashire

Birch Green Care Centre, Skelmersdale. West Lancashire

The homes in our program have demonstrated willingness to work, provide support services and senior input into our care, this takes an immense amount of time and cost of the homes part but the rewards are felt in much improved medical care and holistic care for their residents.

This entails intensive clinical and administrative support thus practices have schemes that support selected homes but we are not in the position to register new patients in non partner care homes.

What does the enhanced care home service provide:

The Kings fund study "Enhanced health in are homes learning from experiances so far" provides us with evidence and guidance. This is available here.

  • We work with and are supported by the Care Homes to provide regular case reviews and "ward rounds" this takes immense commitment from the care home and practice team to put time aside to review patients care, prevent unnecessary admissions and addrerss current problems.

  • We have full electronic access to medical records at the care home, the care homes mnake available network and we provide hardware. This means safer prescribing, no paperwork, instant access to results and less lost information.

  • Senior clinicians conduct ward rounds. Care of the Elderly is complex and challenging, this requires experience so senior GP and ANPs provide the ward rounds. Whilst this is quite an investment, we feel that these patients need it most.

  • We provide dedicated time and priority access to our medicines management team to resolve prescription queries.

  • Medicines optimisation and safety reviews are now routine.

  • We run joint training and update sessions.

  • We provide immediate registration and rapid notes transfer so theat any gaps in medical care are minimised.

  • In the pipeline:

  • Video consults

  • Shared posts between the practice and care homes

  • MDT with community services (Virgin care)

  • Care home online medical record access.

  • Community intravenous antibiotic scheme.

  • Wider integration and real time advice with the hospital specialists, mental health team, social services.

  • A Care home central switchboard with dedicated admin staff.

Please note that we do not provide Enhanced care home services to any homes not listed above. Other practices have similar schemes and homes are covered by them.