Student Nurses

We now work in partnership with Edge Hill University and the University of Central Lancashire to deliver training for student nurses.

Clinical Data

  • This is held on the EMIS clinical system, document management is through Docman.
  • You will need training in how to use the systems prior to use.
  • Inaccurate data costs…..
  • Contact point: Dr Bonsor

Without exposure to primary care practice settings, students may not develop awareness of, and appreciation for, autonomous nursing roles and the potential nursing careers available to them. This is important to encourage ongoing recruitment into the expanding primary health care nursing workforce.

We aim to make your exposure to primary care rewarding and we hope to see you back.

You are welcome to attend our practice study days which take place each month for more information regarding this please contact Charlene Hilton.

If you have a particular interest that you wish to foster within a Primary Care setting please speak to your Mentor, we will help wherever we can.