Patient Notice

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are experiencing an increased demand on appointments and clinicians time;

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First steps

Before you arrive:

  • Make sure you have photo ID from your educational establishment
  • Phone the practice 01695 73600 ask for the student coordinator.
  • Email your tutor (email address on medlea for Manchester Students)
  • Go through the website and find out a little about us.
  • Fill in the Online registration form. Click here
  • Print out the checklist.

Your first day:

  • Set off early. Arrive at Sandy Lane first. Present yourself to reception. You may have already made alternative arrangements with your tutor, which is fine.
  • Show your ID and ask to speak to Mrs Foster.
All LearnersGeographic OrientationWe work across 4 sites, so will you.Website
All LearnersContacting the practicethere are dedicated lines for 3 sites — get to know these.Practice Manager
All LearnersFill in the induction proformaSo we have a record of you and about you.Practice Manager
All LearnersGet to know your tutorMakes life easierYour Tutor
All LearnersGet to know the practice managerThe lynch pinPractice Manager
Medical and Nursing studentsGet to know the other GPsYou will work with them all at some pointSee website
All LearnersGet to know the Nurse ManagerA wealth of inside knowledge.Sue Hill
All LearnersGet to know who does whatYou can tailor your learning.Your Tutor
All LearnersComplete Honey and Mumfords learning style questionnaire and ask for help.This is the best way we can find out how you learn and hopefully tailor teaching. And its fun!Print out link
GP, medical students, nursing students, physician associates, pharmacistsArrange a Network Logon formYou cant do anything on the computers without it.Charlene Hilton
GP, medical students, nursing students, physician associates, pharmacistsArrange Network training.This is Vital to learn about network resources and safety.Charlene Hilton
GP, medical students, nursing students, physician associates, pharmacistsArrange Clinical System training.We are computerised so.. no training no logon — no logon no notes, no notes no clinical contact.Dr Bonsor
GP, medical students, nursing students, physician associates, pharmacistsGet an EMIS PasswordYou need this to consult alone.Practice Manager
All LearnersLearn about PRODIGY and Web mentor — electronic clinical decision support toolsIts like having a live professor of medicine with you all the time. You get to catch us out!Your Tutor
All LearnersFill in your University learning assessment questions (PETA etc)This is a requirement and directs your learningYour Tutor