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GP:  Railway Road Surgery, 11 Railway Road, Ormskirk, Lancs. L39 2DN Tel: 01695 736000

Wellbeing team:  Milton house, 41 Ruff Lane, Ormskirk, Lancs. L39 4QX Tel: 01695 650988

GP Email: Welaccg.beaconprimarycare@nhs.net
Milton House Email: studentwellbeing@edgehill.ac.uk

Surgery Closed? Not an emergency? Not sure what to do?   CALL 111

Edge Hill University Students

Firstly if you are new to the area and Edge Hill, well done on securing a place at a great University. Our aim is to work with the University to ensure that we can help prevent you getting sick and help you get better when you are ill.

In your first days you will experience some great life changes, registering with the University practice may seem a scary step but is a necessary one.

Registering with Beacon Primary Care the University nominated practice will mean you get access to the EDGE HILL student health centre situated on Ruff Lane, access to a range of health care professionals who aim to look after your physical and mental health. The practice has sites throughout Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, North Meols and we deliver a variety of enhanced services such as walk in clinics, scans, tests and enhanced contraceptive services.

We operate a talk and treat system, this is to ensure you get the right person at the right tiime – click here for information on how it works.

Some FAQ:

If I register my home GP practice will get upset and it may effect my care when I go home.

Your home practice will fully understand and importantly may not be able to treat you if you are out of area. Your full record will be transferred within 4 weeks (usually a lot sooner if electronic). If you go home you can register temporarily with them till you get back. You practice is highly unlikely to refuse you should you choose to register at home permanently as it is within their agreement with the NHS.

I have special medications and medical needs, what if you can’t meet them?

This is extremely unlikely, a quick browse through the site will show that there are few Primary Care Services we don’t provide. As long as the medications have an indication and are not controlled drugs the transfer is straightforward.

Can’t I just register when I’m Ill?

You can, but this would mean that we don’t have access to your notes and may well cause a delay in treatment or inefficient treatment.

What’s the advantage in registering locally?

Access to the Edge Hill Campus practice.

Quick access to primary care healthcare staff.

No delays when you need treatment.

So how do I register?

Click this link or the link above to take you through the pre registration process. (Opens in a new browser window)

Or find our stall at freshers day.